Your family has a place and purpose in modern-day society. We can help you find it.

The institution of marriage and family is a perfect order from God before the foundation of the world, and what He unites should not be divided by anything or anyone. We invite you to join us in growth of mindset on a journey of faith, family, fun, and freedom, as we aim to provide hope, inspiration, and encouragement to live life intentionally and maintain marriage and family—winning as one!

As a living testimony that the institution of marriage and family still works, we empower families to adopt the mindset that, through all of life’s twists and turns or ups and downs. Join us for single sessions or in a 10 session Mentorship program.

The institution of marriage and family still works, and the purpose and heart of them matter!

We recognize, with the advancement of technology, the family unit may seem less and less of a priority. However, we beg to differ.

The family unit has always remained strong and relevant, and its focus is needed now more than ever. Families are the building blocks essential to the formation of a community and if marriage and families crumble, so do communities and society.

No family or marriage is perfect but when the unit can withstand the tests of time and decide we’re in this together, the battle is nearly won!

We believe marriage and family provides the solid foundation and strong support system for individuals throughout life—not just during childhood.

When the foundation is established with the husband uniting with the wife and the parents with the children, it provides a strong family structure that is fundamental to the wholeness of all mankind.  We believe in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child you train up a child in the way that he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.”  This teaching and training, when passed down from generation to generation, helps children learn right from wrong so they are more prepared to make meaningful contributions and influences in their lives as well as society.

Our Coaching and Mentorship sessions cover all aspects of the family.

Coaching & Mentorship

"It is not about perfection, it’s about progression and growing with one another, as one, in life and love.”

G & K. L. Cousar

Gemelle and Kiesha L. Cousar are just the growth stimulus your relationship needs! Their life-challenging, life-changing sessions are not ones you would want to miss.

This dynamic, power duo challenges couples to establish goals and do the necessary life work toward obtaining the marriage and family they CAN have! There is no “agreeing to disagree”: on this Cousar roller coaster ride of transparency and authenticity, you will not be complacent and uncompromising in the growth of marriage and family!

Kiesha & Gemelle are not afraid to journey through the rough areas or discuss the hard topics with you.

You will be appropriately equipped with tools and techniques for developing healthy habits and behaviors that improve communication and solidify your bond. Their passion for your marital and family relationships’ successes enables them to assist you with boldly facing root causes of discord, exposing hurts, and overcoming feelings of shame, guilt or inadequacy in order to move forward toward lasting healing and purposeful, meaningful love. This is not a game; yet, you can WIN (Walk in Newness) as one with Gemelle and Kiesha L. Cousar!

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Strengthen relationships
  • Restore commitment
  • Exercise intentional communication
  • Support one another proactively
  • Work effectively through life’s challenges
  • Identify and build upon on another’s strengths
  • Learn conflict resolution
  • Discuss and create individual, couple and family goals
  • Acknowledge and appreciate personality differences
  • Embrace the marriage & family journey 

Learn how to grow together.

1:1 Couples Sessions*

Single or Series of Sessions

As certified marital enrichment coaches, Gemelle Cousar and Kiesha offer 1-on 1 sessions for engaged or married couples who need to share, process questions, or voice concerns. We work with couples who struggle with issues involving communication, conflict resolution, finances, future in-law’s, and setting boundaries. There are no limits on what you can discuss! Gain clarity, skills, tools, and strategies to effectively win together as one!

Mentorship Program*

10 Sessions with Gemelle & Kiesha

10 couple sessions filled with opportunities to engage in dialogue and exchange and through experiential learning activities. You will also receive research-based individual assessments with timely results and feedback.  Using these assessments, we’ll customize the mentorship program to your specific needs as a coupl.  Explore yourself, each other, and your strengths to win as one! 


We also periodically offer group meet-up sessions with other couples and biblical-based services.  

*Also offered as biblical/faith-based! Inquire when you apply.

Grow with us!

Our family initiatives include:


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