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KIESHA L COUSAR speaks to businesses & organizations

Creditable, charismatic, creative, and personable.

Kiesha L. Cousar’s love for academia, plethora of experience, and BOLD personality are incomparable and so are her relentless efforts to design actionable content catered to your specific corporate needs.

Her sheer passion, power, and authoritative teaching & coaching techniques, along with her electrifying delivery, have allowed her to transform the thinking and actionability of diverse audiences, guiding them toward owning their potential both personally and professionally.

Kiesha’s speaking topics, listed below, were composed based on her belief that meeting, maintaining, and sustaining corporate requirements, objectives, and goals begins and ends with management and employee development focused on the discovery, learning and application of four developmental elements in the workplace: courageous mindset, imperfect action, self-worth, and authentic identity. 

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High Performance Leadership:

And Leading Within

The workplace is full of achievement seekers. Successful achievement is linked to the ability to connect purposefully with one’s own personal and professional goals, and often the two intersect. This keynote addresses the leader that exists in every individual and how to best attain and execute roles as leaders either currently or in the future, with the following learning objectives.

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Discover what really matters to you
  • Learn the importance of self-awareness
  • Learn and identify high performing leadership strategies and skills
  • Determine the most effective ways to implement strategies and skills
  • Practice in skill-building peer groups 

Contentment is most often a matter of contingency.  It relies heavily on whether immediate needs are being met or if imminent needs will be met. The rationale is that if one strives for more, more will be obtained, creating successes and feelings of self-satisfaction.  This keynote addresses true leaders’ aversion to average-scaled achievement and the advantages of a value-centered, intentional, and convergent leadership approach with the following learning objectives:

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Examine the meanings of personal and professional greatness 
  • Assess peer and self-accountability 
  • Discover the “teachable teacher” approach
  • Learn the pitfalls of double-vision 
  • Implement strategies & transformative thinking in skill-building peer groups

Purposeful Leadership:

An Aversion to Average

Authentic Identity:

Being YOU in the Workplace

Like its co-conspirator fear, self-doubt is often a self-imposed roadblock on the winding to road to success and, to the dismay of many, regardless of rank or position; it’s quite prevalent in the workplace. This keynote addresses the challenges of being your true self at work and strategies to encourage as well as expect authenticity of oneself and others with the following learning objectives:

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Discover differences in your personal and professional persona
  • Learn keys to self-worth 
  • Discover strategies for controlling personal thoughts 
  • Examine strategies for transforming arrogance and insecurity to courage and confidence 
  • Learn compassion practices (for self and peers)

Fear can either be a friend or foe. It loves, challenges, hurts, stalls, and pushes its respective person as in an actual relationship. This keynote details how to develop a loving relationship with fear and set relationship boundaries for a stress-free, emotionally healthy, goal-achieving and BOLD -moving YOU with the following learning objectives:  

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Learn the different types of fear
  • Become aware of and categorize your own fears
  • Decide what you will and will not accept from fear
  • Learn strategies for accessing your own power
  • Discover ways and implement strategies to challenge your fears

Make BOLD Moves:

Developing a Healthy Relationship with Fear

The Power of ONE:

Intersectionality in the Workplace

Effectiveness is always a goal in any work environment. While commonality can certainly help with achieving that goal, so does an understanding of the individuality of oneself and everyone within the group or team. This keynote details how tapping into personal power, characteristics and dynamics as well as establishing clear, consistent lines of communication can transform the work environment and improve performance with the following learning objectives:

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Learn the value of emotional intelligence
  • Discover your personal power to transform your thinking and environment 
  • Learn the usefulness of feedback
  • Discover ways to create a less oppressive work environment
  • Practice the art of listening in skill-building peer groups 

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