This is BOLD Love.

BOLD Love™ is Lawrence Gemelle and Kiesha L. Cousar. As a team, they offer coaching and speaking for couples.

We are ONE.  We are each other’s ONE.  We are not fearless, nor are we daring, risk-takers—yet we dare to take the risk to love bold — BOLD Love™.

If you want to learn to experience BOLD Love in your relationship, join us for coaching or mentoring. If you’d like to experience us in person, Gemelle & Kiesha are available for Marriage Conferences, Retreats, Panels, and Couples Outreach Events or Engagements. Explore sample keynote offerings below.


What is BOLD Love?

BOLD Love™ emphasizes the importance of relationship in marriage.  Relation is used to define people that affect each other and who are connected and relevant to one another.  The suffix-ship means the state or condition of. When you have BOLD Love, you are in a state or condition compelling you to connect to, affect and be relevant in each other’s lives without reservations.

BOLD Love is the simplicity and authenticity of two people growing in love boldly as they evolve as one.

It’s the acknowledgement and embrace of truth, flaws and all for the intangible essence of what just IS. 

BOLD love is accepting one another freely without inhibitions or hindrances but desiring to see the other grow, flourish and ultimately together in Christ, winning as one because they chose to love bold – BOLD Love.

BOLD Love admonishes faith-filled, married people to be disciplined and dedicated to loving in human, vulnerable ways, especially in valley moments and days.

Signature Speaks

But Opposites Are Supposed to Attract:​

Say WHAT Now?​

Lawrence Gemelle and Kiesha L. Cousar are calling couples to listen and listen well. Married couples, STOP allowing yourselves to fall prey to accepting natural concepts, laws and theories as treatments, safeguards and armor for spiritual matters, PERIOD!

You will get nothing short of candid passion as Kiesha and Gemelle implore you to stop reducing God to your thoughts and feelings and confusing the plans He has for you with the plans you have for yourselves!

This electrifying occasion is one in which you will realize you must STOP insulting God! It was He who created you; He knew you weren’t the same; He made you different! We’re not all the same age; we’re not all the same race; we’re not born from the same parents! He even created time distinction between identical twins!

Man decided opposites would attract to explain particles in science. However, it was God who designed differences knowing they would repel, and likeness would attract – that’s why He gave us the Bible as a directive! That’s why He uses words like: covenant, agreement; and accord! If only opposites were attracted to each other, there’d be no sins to cover, no submission required, and no tenderheartedness and forgiveness needed, according to 1Peter 4:3; Ephesians 5:21; and Ephesians 5:32.

Ephesians 4:2-3; Colossians 3:14; Ephesians 5:25-33; 1Corinthians 13:4-5; and the list goes on – many are the scriptures in which God emphasizes the importance of, “love.” Is there any wonder why He did not use the word, “like?’​

Lawrence Gemelle and Kiesha L. Cousar invite you to consider if you will, Colossians 3:14, “And over all these virtues put on love which bind them all together in perfect unity.” They have a journey to help you understand that all virtues, except love, are fickle and fluctuate based on circumstances and conditions. Learn that God uses, “love,” because, even when you are challenged and/or attacked, it is love that will ultimately sustain you and your marital covenant.

So, where does “like” fit in? Does it even matter? The Cousars believe it does. They stand firm in that, “like” is not so much about how you feel about the other person: but rather it is your responses to each other concerning your marital challenges, circumstances and conditions. “Like” is not to be taken lightly; it can be a heavy determinant in what must be shifted and forgiven to continue in love.

Help! I Love You...​

But I Don’t Like You.

Ephesians 4:2-3; Colossians 3:14; Ephesians 5:25-33; 1Corinthians 13:4-5; and the list goes on – many are the scriptures in which God emphasizes the importance of, “love.” Is there any wonder why He did not use the word, “like?’

For Better or Worse:​

The Tug IN War to WIN as One​

Destined to be their most laidback, phenomenal experience, Lawrence Gemelle and Kiesha L. Cousar share their personal testimony of victory in marriage and family throughout life’s seasons, events, circumstances, as well as human actions and reactions according to Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.

Marriage and family can often present challenges that create opposing opinions imposing a “rope” that divides. However, the Cousars want you to understand the determining factors in winner as one are each person’s release on the rope and the direction they pull.

They desire to disparage the lies that individuality and adulthood are acceptable reasons for lazy communication and hearing without listening. This tug in war is not about a further divide or one gaining the advantage over another. It is a release and tug toward each other in agreement.

Lawrence Gemelle and Kiesha L. Cousar want to provide for you a raw, honest and sincere look into the manner in which you handle the better and worse aspects of your marriage from where you are right now and set you on a path toward winning!

Coaching & Mentoring

WINNING As One Pre-Martial/Marriage Mentoring Program™ is skills based proven program that connects with premarital and married couples empowering them to build stronger marriages.  We focus on marriage education with practical applications that build and cultivate healthy relationships and families. 

As your Coaches/Mentors, we offer you a couples’ assessment with timely results and feedback.  Your results will provide us with the information we need to assign your 5 -10, 60-minute sessions, as well as your strengths as a couple, topics for discussion and exercises that explore important areas of your relationship.   

Winning As One Pre-Marital/Marriage Mentoring Program™ is committed to equipping you with tools to do the life-work and build long-lasting marital relationship success.  To better serve your relationship needs and strengthen your support network, we also offer group sessions and biblical-based services.  

*The Pre-martial/Martial Mentorship Program biblical version is also available*

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