Lean Living with KLC is a total-body wellness program designed for women in search of making long-term healthy lifestyle choices.

Lean Living (LL) is dedicated to the woman with a made-up mind looking for authentic health, wholeness, and wellness, not gimmicks or tricks, but determined to do the life work; eat well, and get and stay fit. Coach Cousar’s goal is to empower you to live and lead a more active lifestyle of health, wholeness and wellness so you can do, be and feel your best.

LL combines personal training, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching to help women transform their mind and body and develop strength to help boost energy and maintain for daily activities.

Our lifestyle plans are designed to provide you with action and accountability and help you to achieve autonomy and alignment.

Our solution-focused emphasis provides you with the commitment you need to lean on and live a lifestyle of total health and wellness while eliminating stress.

For the last 20 years, Kiesha L. Cousar has dedicated her health and wellness lifestyle to that of Lean Living. Not always getting it right but always keeping it before her as a core value of optimal health and well-being.

Her holistic wellness program emphasizes education, encouragement, and empowerment of health of body, mind, soul, wholeness, wellness and nutrition. Lean Living with KLC teaches you how to “live lean” from inner to outer while empowering your total self and well-being!


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Individual Coaching


Personal training sessions are the MOST effective way of reaching your individual goals quicker.

Correct form, intensity, and understanding why are all important to your success as well as your total well-being. Book your free complimentary 30 minute consultation today.


3 Month program

$400.00 Monthly (one month minimum commitment)

Whether it’s mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, or spiritually, many find themselves stuck in a fear-based state of mind and uncertainty, are forever changed by Kiesha L. Cousar’s transformational message and strategic approaches!

This highly-spirited directive is derived from over 20 years of her engaging with people who are locked in self-built cages of mental paralysis, unable to live out loud the power they possess within. Kiesha L. Cousar empowers people of multiple facets of life to pursue their passions and fulfill their purpose with intent by making BOLD Moves!

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Acknowledgment of fears and their source
  • Knowing the difference between fears that serve and fears that undermine
  • Properly positioning fears
  • 7 Principles of BOLD Living 
  • Personally-developed tools to get started in moving toward #BOLDMoves


BOLD Lifestyle



BOLD Mindset


Make audiences feel revitalized and ready to take courageous action!

Join Kiesha L. Cousar as she offers insight into the power of NOW even when it is out of your comfort zone. She will explain how to work through your fears, develop courage, acquire clarity and, from there, exude confidence to be your best self.

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Acquire tools for self-regulation and self-actualization
  • Eliminate comfort zones
  • Discern benefits of failure and rejection
  • Determine focus and clarity for the future
  • Apply techniques for empowerment to make changes and pursue goals

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BOLD Lifestyle



BOLD Mindset


Lean Living Lifestyle with Plexus Natural Supplementation

Lean Living with KLC ™ promotes a lifestyle of eating healthy, whole foods and regular exercise, discouraging the pitfalls of instant gratification and rapid weight loss. Our no-nonsense, do-the-work, get-the-results approach encourages a realistic regimen of healthy habits, consistency and discipline.

We want to see you WIN with intentional, consistent, and authentic lifestyle changes that reflect our Lean Living™ mantra:

“Authentic people doing authentic work achieving authentic results!”

When it comes to the Lean Living™ Lifestyle, I am a strong advocate and active participant. In other words, what I teach; I DO!

As a partaker in all services and products that I provide, I am excited to share with you a natural, plant based health and wellness line of supplements that can help you achieve your goals. I have experienced personal health benefits and results with the Plexus products, and I look forward to you starting your own journey through Lean Living with KLC™ and these supplements.

What I have noticed is, when I “drink pink” (Plexus), my day is void of hypoglycemic episodes and mindless snacking and caffeine cravings. The consistency of my clean eating is sustained, without a drop in my blood sugar, enabling me to win in my lifestyle of lean living!

Plexus, or as I like to call it P4; Powerful, Purposeful, Profitable Products has many benefits to help you on your journey to wellness, clarity, health, and if desired, and pursue opportunities for wealth.

 Whether you are looking to achieve weight loss, improve mood and focus, or address energy issues and gut health, P4 has amazing products just for you! Now is the time to start the journey toward the BEST YOU! 

Click here to start your health and wellness journey with the plexus products

To learn about specific product recommendations click here to fill out a brief health survey. (Survey includes Health goals: Current Health issues: Fitness Goals. You will be contacted by a team member for your complimentary consultation)

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