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The world is changing it. Make sure your employees are ready to work with it.

We don’t need to tell you – you already know our working world is ever-changing, and becoming more and more fast paced.  CE Corporate recognizes that, now more than ever, there is a critical need for work-life integration.  We provide employees the necessary tools to integrate their personal and professional lives, strengthen their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, and improve their overall well-being.  Our approach yields sustained personal power and optimal performance. Bring us in for coaching, mentoring, and training and development.

Why choose CE Corporate?

At CE Corporate, we value authenticity, discipline, actualization, and activation. We understand that the intersection of an employee’s work and non-work life is inevitable. We believe that integrating the two allows employees to achieve alignment that ignites and feeds both their personal and professional passions and increases work productivity.

Personal development allows you to become proficient in the subject of you, who you are, and who you desire to be.

Personal development uncovers for you a clear understanding about the direction your life should take and the goals you must set.

Personal development improves your ability to remain aligned with your goals and see them through to accomplishment.

Personal development sharpens your mind so that you are mentally and emotionally able to make a quicker recovery from stress or setbacks resulting from challenges and changes.

Personal development boosts positive thinking and self-talk, as well as affirms your belief in the abilities and skills specific to you.

Personal development releases your ability to self-correct, live intentionally, make good decisions, and accept responsibility for creating your own happiness and life-experiences.

Personal development affords you the benefit of being emotionally in tune with others and equips you with the emotional intelligence necessary to be successful in the workplace.

Our mission at CE Corporate is to cultivate courageous employees with authentic authority and influence, who are confident in who they are, the work they do, and empowered to live and work at their maximum potential.

 We coach, mentor, and provide exchanges of dialogue and development in the workplace to enable multigenerational employees to better understand, relate, and connect with one another. We encourage collaborative efforts towards achieving goals, generating necessary outcomes, and minimizing the need to sacrifice health, relationships and happiness. 

Happier Employees = Better Employees

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