Professional Development Services
Our working world is ever-changing and becoming more and more fast paced. COUSAR
Empowerment Corporate recognizes that, now more than ever, there is a critical need for work-life
integration. We provide employees the necessary tools to integrate their personal and professional
lives, strengthen their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, and improve their overall well-being.
Our approach yields sustained personal power and optimal performance
At Cousar Empowerment Corporate, we value authenticity, discipline, actualization, and activation.
We understand that the intersecting of an employee’s work and non-work life is inevitable. We
believe, that integrating the two allows employees to achieve alignment that ignites and feeds both
their personal and professional passions and increases work productivity.
Our mission at CE Corporate is to cultivate courageous employees with authentic authority and
influence, who are confident in who they are, the work they do, and empowered to live and work at
their maximum potential. We coach, mentor, and provide exchanges of dialogue and development
in the workplace to enable multigenerational employees to better understand, relate, and connect
with one another. We encourage collaborative efforts towards achieving goals, generating
necessary outcomes, and minimizing the need to sacrifice health, relationships and happiness.
Coaching is the cornerstone of COUSAR Empowerment’s personal and professorial development
services. We understand that personal development is a continual process and growth is the
measurable result having professional benefits. There is always the desire for a person or
professional establishment to be more, to become better, and to achieve greater. Coaching is the
key to setting our clients on the path to actively pursue their goals! Any of our three corporate
services can be customized to help you set realistic goals; develop a plan for execution while
successfully maintaining work-life integration. Professional development coaching is available for
individuals and groups.
Coaching areas can include:
 Mindset Development- “Discovery Phase”
Core Values
Limitations and Boundaries
 Leadership Development – “Development Phase”
Leading Self- Time management, decision making
Leading others- Delegation, motivation, Empowerment
Leadership Styles & Action Planning
 Interpersonal Development- “Do Phase”
Communication Styles
Emotional Intelligence
Conflict Resolution and Management

LEAD Corporate is a Professional Development Life & Leadership Mentorship Program designed to
provide group mentorship to individuals both personally and professionally to cultivate a strong
professional network within the workplace environment. The program is solution-focused and
driven to partner with companies and their employees whom they believe are ready for the next
level of strong emerging leaders! If your organization desires to help individuals grow personally
and professionally, then LEAD Corporate is for you!
LEAD Corporate supports and sustains the following:
 Managing individual habits and behaviors in order to set employees up for success
 Setting and achieving aligned personal and professional goals
 Solving problems in life and leadership
We believe roles, responsibilities, and relationships are defined by organizational structure,
processes, leadership styles, people’s professional and cultural backgrounds, and HR policies
and practices. We seek to provide individuals with clarity and confidence in their competencies.
LEAD Corporate feels it our responsibility to ensure that every woman and man, within your
company, has a voice and feels visible. Conditions will vary within each organization; however
the LC program respectfully and carefully aligns each professional’s talents and life and
leadership priorities to provide balance and wholistic wellbeing.
Lead from Within Professional Development
Life & Leadership Mentorship Program
 Self-Identify
 Self-Awareness
 Self Confidence
 Leadership Development Skills
 Goal Setting Skills
 Time Management Skills
 Communication Skills
 Conflict Resolution Skills
 Relationship Skills
 Financial Management Skills
COUSAR Empowerment offers workshops and facilitated discussions entitled “Dialogue &
Development.” Our conversations are highly engaging and designed to enhance interpersonal
skills and encourage open dialogue. We value educating and developing leaders and exposing them
to next practices through conversational dialogue. Our approach empowers staff through
development beyond the norm of ‘training to blend’ and focuses on the people, their future, growth
and collaborative action!
Service areas can include:
 Leadership Development
 Conflicts Resolution
 Interpersonal Development
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Employee Management Training Programs!

Leadership Development
Conflict Management
Power of Communication & Public Speaking
Listening skills
Work- Life Balance
Critical Thinking
Emotional Intelligence
Goal Setting and Getting Things Done
Mindfulness Development
Self-Awareness Development
Increasing Your Happiness
Personal Productivity
Social Intelligence
Stress Management
Work- Life Balance

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