Cousar Empowerment


COUSAR Empowerment is a personal development parent company based out of Raleigh NC, cultivating people toward their greatest human potential. COUSAR Empowerment operates Kiesha L. Cousar, EmpowerHER! and We are the Cousars brands.  Our company believes that personal growth, development, and wellness are paramount. COUSAR Empowerment brands offer services and programs that will positively impact your life and well-being.


COUSAR Empowerment exists to empower you, foster your growth and enhance your greatness. We understand that your personal development must be a continuum for you to obtain and sustain living at its maximum potential.  Everything we offer is designed to help you do just that! COUSAR Empowerment is committed to providing life-changing brands offering experiences that are solution focused and action oriented. It matters to us that you become your best self!


COUSAR EMPOWERMENT desires to be the pharmacy for the total you, offering personal and professional development as well as practical and natural health solutions.  We seek to be a global resource for the preparing, compounding, and dispensing of client-specific personal development plans, programs, products, and services.


Ruby makes sure each 1st letter is the same font as the acronym above. 

COUSAR Empowerment functions on core principles that guide our customer service.                                       

We value Consistency.  We will remain consistent with our communication concerning your needs until we exceed your expectations!  We value Openness.   Our openness allows us to collaborate freely so that we can create accurate, transparent plans and assessments for your personal, professional, and wellness needs.  We value Understanding.  Gaining an understanding of your perspective regarding the growth this endeavor entails is important to setting and supporting your personal development goals.  We value the Spirit of excellence.  COUSAR Empowerment operates with a spirit of excellence displayed by our strong work ethic and commitment to serving your needs attentively and respectfully.  We value Authenticity.  At the heart of all we do, there’s authenticity. Therefore, you can count on us to uphold the COUSAR Empowerment mission and conduct ourselves according to CE’s core values.  We value Reliability.  We strive to build your confidence and trust in the reliability of our commitment and services.