iEmpowerHER! is an online adult network who have a passion for encouraging girls. Our mission is to support and affirm the lives of girls and help them achieve positive well-being.

In this community of like-minded adults raising, mentoring, encouraging, and empowering girls, we work towards shaping strong, authentic young ladies today who will become bold, victorious women tomorrow.


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iEmpowerHER! is literal—we are powerful adults committed making a difference one girl at a time.

We intentionally encourage, and equip girls through the gift of knowledge, wisdom and experience so that they realize their natural abilities and potential. The pathway from an impressionable, adolescent girl to a successful young adult woman is filled with many twists and turns, and, the iEmpowerHer! online community, is available to shepherd girls and help them glean and grow along their journeys toward their destinies!

It is our belief that every girl everywhere needs and deserves positive affirmation, leadership development, and guidance from influential adults.

 iEmpowerHER! provides an accessible online hub where adults can find community, training, and resources to sustain their power, purpose, and passion to empower girls.

Join the iEmpowerHER!  online Community NOW and network with other members who are ready to support girls in thoughts and deed and EmpowerHER!  


The iEmpowerHER! online social network community educates, encourages, and supports parents, professionals, and adults passionate about empowering the growth and development of girls.

Our motto, “We are the Village” means that we are progressively building a network of caring adults who believe we are better and stronger together!  We are the village, and we empower every girl, everywhere!       

Our community strives to build each member up by offering encouraging and affirming words, information dissemination, collaborations, for the common purpose and goal of enhancing the mental, physical, social/emotional and spiritual well-being of girls.  Future opportunities will be shared about iEmpowerHER! Meetups and EmpowerHER! event volunteer opportunities. 




of Joining

  • connect with other adults an parents who are passionate about girls’ empowerment.
  • volunteer with a program that values you and the work you do!
  • network and gain community services hours!
  • gain resources for parental support and mentoring!
  • inspire, influence, and impact the growth and development of girls!



Share your interest and the possible role(s) you would like to serve as a volunteer as we grow.  Once your name has been registered, you will receive an email to confirm your status in our community.  You will then be informed of upcoming events and future meetups. Welcome to iEmpowerHER! Thank you for being a part of the village! 

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